People Are Talking


Lee has been a great help with my career development. She has assisted with every step and is a great support. Her belief in me has help me soar.

– Manager, Consulting Services Company

Lee Vincent gets my highest recommendation as an executive coach.  As a small business owner whose organization is going through a period of major growth and change, Lee has provided invaluable insight and helped me gain perspective in terms of prioritizing, strategic thinking, and how to best manage and leverage existing business relationships.  I have gained confidence, effectiveness in my leadership skills, and a greater focus in how I manage my day-to-day business through her coaching sessions.  Her background as a seasoned business executive gives her invaluable practical experience, knowledge and insights that both lend itself to recognizing and leveraging complex business relationships and situations, and helped me create a truly effective vision and plan for the future. Lee’s combination of business acumen, compassion and keen listening skills has made her an invaluable asset and makes her a perfect fit for any business leader who wants to perform at their highest level.

– Small Business Owner, Education & Arts Company

I would like to thank Lee for time and insight that she has provided me.I have been told that I can provide valuable insight. That I am respected among peers. I have also been told that I am not always understood; that I can put people on the defensive.With Lee’s genuine curiosity, we explored what is the real value that I bring. I have realized the outcome in front of me, from any individual interaction, is short term.Lee helped me peel back the emotion and my competitive spirit, to get to the heart of my true intent. From that place, I approach people and situations from a much calmer place. I am much more cognizant of the conversations that I having and how they are a continuum of a relationship.Lee has helped me be understood, not just heard.

– Manager, Technology Company

It is with great enthusiasm, that I endorse Lee Vincent as a business and personal coach. She is a seasoned business professional that asks probing questions, listens well, respects confidentially and is an amazing sounding board. Always positive and upbeat, she has helped me capitalize on my strengths. She invested her time, heart and soul in understanding my needs and what was truly important to me. Her vast business intellect and practical experience combined with her tremendous people skills has made her an invaluable part of my professional and personal life. I consider Lee a friend as well as a mentor and coach and recommend her wholeheartedly 

– Director, Non-Profit Organization