Future Leader Acceleration

You did it! You’ve made the leap to people leadership and your career is well underway…. NOW WHAT?

You are bright, passionate and full of energy. You are a take charge person that makes things happen and are often recognized for that in your organization and life.

You know where you want to go and want that journey accelerated. You want to ensure that you are maximizing your opportunities each and every day.

The toughest learning is that what got you to this point (hard work, long hours, big efforts) isn’t going to make you successful as a people leader. How do you let go of everything that you know in order to pick up and master a whole other set of tools?

By working together, we will:

  • identify your career goals (in detail)
  • identify your personal strengths and style preferences
  • assess the organizational culture that you currently operate within
  • determine the skills, knowledge and abilities that you will need to succeed as a people leader
  • create a strategic plan and roadmap to move you towards your vision
  • address issues and opportunities as they arise in your daily work environment to learn from them and create successful frameworks for future efforts
  • have you feeling confident, capable and inspired in your work as a people leader

Our bi-weekly sessions are all about you and your priorities. We can connect via phone, Skype video, Google hangout. In between sessions, I am available to support you via email, text and twitter.

$750 per month for unlimited support, 6 month minimum engagement

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