In celebration of Generation Y

You are successful in your current role and looking for more.

You are bright, capable, motivated to learn and full of ideas. You are looking for a partner to help harness your strengths and create a plan for achieving that next stage in your vision, wether it be that next job in your current organization, the next job outside your current organization or taking the leap to entrepreneurship.

Technology is your friend and you want things to happen quickly.

By working together over a six month period, we will:

  • clearly define your career goals
  • fully define all of the attributes of your future vision (personal, professional, financial & emotional)
  • Create a strategy and plan for moving forward and achieving that vision

Our bi-weekly collaboration sessions are all about you – they can happen by phone, by Skype video, or by Google hangout. In-between, we can connect via email, text or twitter for urgent issues.

$300 per month, 6 month minimum

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