Small Business Accelerator

You are making it happen… you are an successful entrepreneur and you love it! Congratulations – you’re beating the odds.

You are passionate about your business and all that the future holds. You’ve succeeded this far on your own and by surrounding yourself with a great support system.

You have a vision for the future and it’s BIG… You’re just not quite sure how to make that next big leap.

By working together, you will:

  • have a thinking partner to help you create a plan for how to approach that BIG vision
  • have the opportunity to step back and truly assess your strengths, your opportunities and what support you need to move forward
  • get ideas and support to work through those nagging issues – even getting unstuck from a few ruts
  • have a place to think “outloud” with no risk, pose those challenging questions and work through all the “what if” scenarios

Our bi-weekly sessions are all about you. We can connect via phone, Skype video or Google hangout. In between, support is available via email, text and Twitter.

$1000 per month, unlimited support, six month minimum engagement

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